An actionable assessment

50% cost savings at company A:

Cost reduction summary

Strategy summary

Note: Company A is a subsidiary of a Fortune Top 100 financial services conglomerate。

This is a comprehensive COBIT standard based information technology assessment, customized for your organization based on the data entered. It compares your organization to standard benchmarks and industry recognized practices, creating actionable results to improve the cost and performance of your organization. In addition to this assessment, you have the option to receive additional recommendations and other consulting services from our industry professionals.

Our focus is to deliver a cloud-based analytical environment to instantly provide exceptional insights, not high priced consulting services. Our mission is to continously capture innovative analytical techniques that are proven to deliver value, and incorporate them into our cloud-based environment.

Standard price for the assessment is $5000. If you are willing to be a reference customer our price is $500. In addition, we offer on-going assistance with implementing your improvement roadmap. Click here for more details.